Cultural Training

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Depending on the availability of funding we are able to offer a highly specialized educational programme to broaden the knowledge, experience and understanding of intercultural relations for our interns and volunteers who travel to Egypt in order to work with one of our sister organisations or a particular project.

This programme  was originally carried out between 2004 and 2009 in cooperation with "Volunteer Services Abroad" (Freiwillige Dienste im Ausland) of the Catholic Diocese of Osnabrueck in Germany and was co-financed through the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Auswaertiges Amt). Of course participants from other nationalities and languages have always been very welcome.

The aim of the programme was to help participants discover different aspects of Egyptian culture more deeply, and to provide them with opportunities to reflect upon their experiences of their intercultural encounters. Modules included:


  • Intensive language course in Egyptian colloquial Arabic
  • Introduction to Egyptian culture
  • Introduction to Islam
  • Introduction to the Coptic Orthodox Church
  • Introduction to developmental issues and social projects in Egypt
  • Mid-year reflection


Training was organised in a flexible manner and contained lectures, workshops, conferences, seminars and interviews in English and/or Arabic. 

We continue to organise visits to various regions of Egypt in order to facilitate development, social or peace-building related projects and organizations. 

Although such training is currently discontinued, it can be facilitated on an ad hoc basis. For more information about how you or your organisation can participate in this great opportunity, email us at [email protected].