Egyptian Research Assistance program

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Interested in completing your academic research in the heart of the Arab world? We can help! The Arab West Foundation, an organization dedicated to fostering understanding between Arabs and the West, provides a holistic, structured program to help you produce a quality academic paper.  *

We directly link you with the reputable Egyptian professor of your choice who will spend 30 hours of individual, specialized assistance related to your thesis. The ERA program will also provide you with logistical assistance, access to our extensive academic database, and a multicultural environment in which to complete your research. 

Dozens of students and researchers have already utilized our facilities to create academic texts, including Master's and PhD theses related to Middle Eastern Studies. Find out more about how to take advantage of this unique and affordable opportunity in Cairo, Egypt - the largest and most vibrant city in the Arab world.

* All research assistance is a non-profit endeavor that will be provided by the Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation, a limited liability company registered in Cairo, or the Center for Arab-West Understanding, a registered Egyptian NGO with a focus on education.